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Working With Artifacts

Artifacts are pieces of content that can be uploaded to a Personal Portfolio. Using artifacts allows you to reuse content within Blackboard Learn. Artifacts are accessed from the Portfolios Homepage.

About Artifacts

Depending on the goal of the portfolio, examples of artifacts can include resumes, awards, writing samples or other pieces of work.

Basic portfolios do not use artifacts.

Artifacts can contain the following elements:

Artifact Elements
Artifact Elements Description
Content Collection Items Artifacts can link to an item in the Content Collection. Using Content Collection Items link an item to an artifact. Any changes made to a Content Collection Item will be reflected automatically in any artifact that uses that item. Reuploading Content Collection items to a personal portfolio is unnecessary.
Attached Files Artifacts can include files uploaded from your computer. If you have a file that will be updated, add it to the Content Collection before using it in an artifact. In some cases, artifacts will be predefined and force you to upload a file.
Text and Images Text and images can be entered as artifacts or used to introduce or support an attached file or link to a Content Collection item. The text can supplement the information provided in the description. Using text and images helps transition between sections and describe attached files or items.

How to Create an Artifact

  1. Access the Content Collection.
  2. From the Jump to… menu, expand the Portfolios section and select Personal Artifacts.

    Jump to Artifacts

  3. Click Create Personal Artifact.

    Click Create Personal Artifact

  4. Provide a Name and Description for the artifact. The description appears in the list of artifacts to help identify it. The description will NOT appear when the artifact is used in a portfolio.

    Provide a name and description for the Artifact

  5. Define the artifact content using the content editor. Use the options for uploading files or linking to Content Collection items to add content to the artifact. To provide a description that will display in the portfolio, enter text in the Content section's content editor.

    Define Artifact content using the text editor

  6. Click Submit.