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Tool Deployment Options

The administrative pages for managing the availability of tools in Learn have been updated in SP12. This includes the system-wide Tools page and the specific Course Settings page for default Tool availability in courses. For Community Engagement licensees, it also includes the specific Organization Settings page for default Tool availability in organizations, and the Tools management page within an Institutional Hierarchy node. The changes are the same on all these pages.

The instructor's page for managing tool availability in an individual course or organization has not changed.

When a course tool is changed to the unlocked state, where the availability of the tool can be changed in an individual course or at a child level in the hierarchy, the system will prompt the administrator to indicate how the change should impact the current availability setting in existing courses. Options are "new courses only" or "new and existing courses". In prior releases, the system only supported this type of change for new courses, and did not prompt the administrator.

Choosing the "new and existing courses" option will push the requested availability change down into the courses on the system or within the hierarchy node. This activity is processed as a system background task, and is not immediate. As with other system background tasks, the administrator making the change will receive an email notification on task completion.

Changing a tool to the locked state does not include this new option, as locked states apply to all courses on the system or within the hierarchy node, as in prior releases.

To support this change, the interface elements for the tool availability page have been updated. Example sections from the page are embedded below. Prior settings are retained for all tools on upgrade to SP12. Default On and Default Off in prior releases correspond to the unlocked states, and Always On and Always Off to the locked states.

Image illustrating associated text

For more information see Managing Tools.