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Building Block Dependency Management

Software Updates helps administrators maintain an up-to-date system by posting alerts in the system admin panel when there are updates available for Learn and for building blocks. As your system evolves, it is important to ensure that building blocks are compatible not only with Learn systems, but with other building blocks.

When administrators install or update a building block using Software Updates, they are informed of any dependencies that building block has on other building blocks. If the installation is approved, the building block dependencies are also updated. When all the installations are complete, the administrator receives an email with details of the operation. If there is an error, the email message will contain sufficient information to triage or to provide to Blackboard Support for resolution.

Manually installing building blocks using the system admin panel respects the dependencies of building blocks. When a building block with dependencies is manually installed, and those dependencies are available through Software Updates, the dependencies are automatically installed by Software Updates as part of the manual install process. 

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To learn more see Software Updates.