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Staging Cloud

The Cloud Connector establishes a link between a Learn instance and the cloud. Blackboard has established a separate parallel Staging instance of the Blackboard cloud services. The staging instance creates a separate testing cloud instance so that test data can be entered into the Blackboard cloud and remain separate from production data.

The first time a cloud connection is established to a server, select Test, Development, or Stage to identify the Learn server and connect to the new Staging instance of the cloud. If the Learn server can call back to Blackboard cloud services, the connection status will display a success message. At this point the Learn server is connected to the Staging instance of Blackboard cloud services.

To connect to the Production instance of Blackboard cloud services, the administrator needs to move their connection to Production by clicking Move to Production.

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To complete the move, enter an External URL and Display Name for the Learn server in production. Moving the Staging server to the Production server deletes all of the staging data associated with that Learn server in the staging instance of Blackboard cloud services. If the external URL is not valid, the move will fail and the Learn server will remain as a staging instance. 

Existing Stage, Test, or Development connections are automatically moved to the new staging environment during the upgrade to SP 13. The data associated with these connections is lost from the production cloud. To re-sync users and enrollments to the staging cloud, turn off the Profile Tool and re-enable it. This forces a re-sync of user data. 

Make sure that your production instance of Blackboard Learn that is connected to the cloud is set to Production before you upgrade. If it is set to any other connection type, your data will be lost.

To Learn More

To learn more, see Cloud Management.