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SafeAssign Release Notes: Apr 2014

Name: SafeAssign

Dates Released: April 26, 2014 | April 30, 2014

Latest Building Block Version: 3.0.11

Released by: SafeAssign Central Services Update and Building Block

Minimum Learn Version

Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP14 and earlier


April 30, 2014 Update - Version 3.0.11

Resolved Issues

  • The originality report updated on April 26, 2014 now opens in a full page.
  • With each submission there is a record in Learn and SafeAssign. If a Learn record is deleted and the SafeAssign one is not, users can manually clear the associated SafeAssign record.
  • DirectSubmit page now loads when Institution name contains non-ascii characters.

April 26, 2014 Release

The Originality Report has been updated with a new look and feel. The general features and information presented have not changed. This new Originality Report will be displayed immediately to all users on April 26, 2014, following an update of the SafeAssign central services.

Image of SafeAssign Originality Report

  • The email option has been removed. You now can distribute reports by clicking Print to create an accessible PDF of the full report and then share the PDF in multiple ways, including secure email.

  • During the redesign of the SafeAssign originality report, it became clear that the mixed script count was potentially showing misleading and confusing information. The mixed script count identifies the potential of multiple scripts used in an assignment to hide acts of plagiarism. It was discovered that the count was based on the number of words or sentences in the text and was only triggered by Cyrillic. The count should be based on all of the ways multiple scripts can be used to avoid plagiarism detection. Also, the areas where each script was used were not identified in the document and had to be manually located. For these reasons, the mixed script count is not visible at this time.

​Resolved Issues

  • Unable to view a SafeAssign Originality Report for specific text documents due to character encoding issues.

  • Removing and re-adding a course enrollment does not clean up SafeAssign data.

  • Null exception when clicking "Download All Submissions".

  • Large amounts of text in the comments area of a SafeAssign submission causes the print view to be stretched off screen.

Known Issues

  • The display of the new window the Originality Report loads within does not load fully expanded to include the sources information.  Blackboard is currently working on a fix for this issue.

  • Blackboard has received feedback that while the old color schemes that associated individual matches with specific sources was outdated, the removal of this color scheme left users unaware of the volume of matches associated with a particular submission.  Blackboard is actively investigating this situation.


  • Instructors can view all originality reports.
  • Students can view originality reports, if instructors allow it. 

To learn more, see Roles and Privileges.

To Learn More

To learn more, see SafeAssign.