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Blackboard Help

Managing All Privileges

The Privileges page allows administrators to see all available privileges and the roles for which those privileges are permitted. Each privilege lists the role types and role IDs that have the privilege.

How to Search for Privileges

  1. In the Search box, type the search terms.
  2. From the Search list, select Privileges to search all available privileges, or select a Role Type to limit the search.
  3. Click Go.

How to Manage Privileges

Click a Role ID to manage its privileges. This opens the appropriate Manage Privileges page.

Evaluate Whether Privileges are Appropriate

Review the privileges granted to various roles, and determine whether they are necessary. This supports the security principle of least privilege. One example is whether the assigned roles require the privilege of Add/Edit trusted content with scripts. This allows assigned users the ability to enter dynamic content into the system whether they are malicious or not.