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Blackboard Help

Install the Blackboard Learn Software on Additional Application Servers on UNIX in a Load-Balanced Configuration

The installer must be run multiple times to set up each application server. After the first application server and the database have been installed using the Full Installation option, run the installer again using the Appserver-only Installation option to install the rest of the application servers and the optional Collaboration server.

The installer will prompt for the same information as a Full Installation. The installer will not access the database on an Appserver-only Installation, which means that nodes can be added to a load-balanced configuration while the system is live.

Keep the following points in mind:

  • Blackboard Learn must be installed as root. Service startup and shutdown must also be performed as root.
  • Experienced administrators may choose to use the non-interactive installer to setup the second and subsequent application servers.

When executing the installer on the additional application servers, pay close attention to the values of the ports and host names. Be sure that the hostname for the Web server matches the load-balanced URL and is not set to the name of the individual server. Be sure that the Collaboration tool (virtual chat, virtual classroom) ports are set properly. Remember that the following settings must be the same across all application servers (and the Collaboration server):

  • Application Server Port Number
  • Web Server Port Number
  • Database Machine Name
  • Database Domain Name
  • Oracle Database Password
  • Blackboard Database User Password
  • Blackboard Database Report User Password
  • CMS Database User Password
  • Database Data Files Directory
  • Database Log Files Directory
  • Content Directory
  • Content Management Directories
  • Collaboration server Machine Name
  • Collaboration server http Port
  • Collaboration server TCP/IP Port
  • Administrator Password
  • root admin Password
  • Integration Password
  • Administrator and Institution Details

When the installation is complete, each application server can be accessed individually and separately tested; complete tests should also be run from the load-balanced URL.