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Upgrading a Load-Balanced System

On a load-balanced system, the Updater must be run on each Application server in sequential order.

The Collaboration server can reside on an existing, dual-purposed application server in the load-balanced environment. If the Collaboration server resides on a separate server, the Updater also must be run on the Collaboration server.

After running the Updater for the first time using the instructions in the following section, run the Updater again on each Application Server (and on the Collaboration Server if applicable) using the Upgrade appserver only option in the Updater. The Upgrade appserver only option upgrades the application files without making any of the database changes. Because the Upgrade appserver only option does not access the database, nodes can be added to a load-balanced system while the system is live.

In load-balanced environments, cross-server communication is needed to synchronize caches across multiple application servers. All Blackboard Learn systems spanning multiple application servers must be part of the same ServerGroup and communicate using the port specified in that ServerGroup. Each node requires its own unique ServerGroup and associated port number.