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Upgrading CE 8 to Learn 9.1

Things to Consider

The following are things to consider before starting the upgrade process:

  • Invest in a test server or consider moving to Blackboard Managed Hosting. Upgrading to Blackboard Learn is a complex process and should be approached as such. Blackboard strongly encourages all clients to have at least one test system.
  • Consider whether to implement Blackboard Learn in a virtualized environment. To learn more, see Virtualizing the Blackboard Reference Architecture.
  • Passwords will not be imported into Blackboard Learn. Administrators must reset the user passwords before the users will be able to log in to Blackboard Learn.
  • Customized PowerLinks will not be moved to Blackboard Learn. To learn more, see the Proxy Tools documentation available on

Things to Do

The following are tasks that you must complete before starting the upgrade process:

Blackboard recommends that MS SQL clients use CE 8.0.4.

  • Install the most recent CE 8 Service Pack.
  • Back up all data and store copies of the backup files on a local machine or drive.
  • Confirm that Blackboard supports your server and database configuration. This information is available in "Supported Technologies" in the Release Notes for the release that you are installing.
  • To reduce the amount of time it takes to complete the upgrade, clean up old sections on the CE 8 server.
  • Enterprise Edition clients only: Create a unique Data Source Key to identify the data imported from CE 8. To learn more, see Data Source Keys.