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Pre-Installation Recommendations in an Oracle Environment

This section provides best practices for configuring the hardware environment in which Oracle will reside.

Most hardware and storage vendors provide specific guidance for designing a high performance Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) Oracle environment as part of the installation and set-up activities. Before installing Oracle, contact the vendor to obtain the best practices for configuring the storage sub-system.

Configuring the Storage Configuration

From a product installation and data file perspective, Oracle has the flexibility to be deployed in a variety of storage configurations. Oracle Blackboard Learn deployments can use any of the following configurations:

  • Network File System (NFS)
  • Fiber-Channel SAN
  • Local disks (SCSI/JBOD)

The major hardware and storage vendors have published many performance benchmarks regarding which storage platform provides the best overall performance. Blackboard leaves it up to each client to make the best decision with regard to maintainability, growth, and cost.

NetApp™ is a storage vendor in the NFS space that also has ISCSI and Fiber-Channel SAN deployments. To learn more about storage configuration options, see their white paper describing performance differences across the three storage configurations.