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Sending System Logs

The Send System Logs feature is a quick way for administrators to view a log without having to access the application file system on the web/application server. The logs are emailed administrators from this page.

How to Send System Logs

  1. On the Administrator Panel, under Tool and Utilities, click Logs.
  2. Click System Logs.
  3. Click Send Logs. The following table describes the available fields.
Sending Logs
Field Description

Select Recipient:

System Administrator User as configured in
Designated System Email Account as configured via the System Admin Panel; System Admin >> Local Support Contract

Email Information
From This field cannot be modified, and is set by the system configuration. The sender is always the system administrator email on file.
Subject This field is automatically populated to include the product name, and the client ID.
Message This field will populate with the name of the server. The sender can add a message to the administrator.
Add Attachments
Log Files There is a list of logs that are available to select. To select more than one log, hold down the Control key. Move the desired log files to the Selected box by clicking the right facing arrow. The size of each log file is displayed following the name of the log.