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Specifying Parameters

The following information describes the details that need to be defined in each report to allow them to integrate with the application server correctly.


Every report permits custom branding which is accomplished by using images driven by parameters in the header and footer.

Branding Parameters

The following parameters need to be defined in every report.


Both parameters are not required and need to be hidden.

Branding Images

An image must be added to the header and footer on the master page. It needs to be left and top justified and have its URI set by the parameters described above. The application will set the brand parameters automatically.

Report Title

The user can override the default title used for any report. Each report should define a param#report#title parameter that should be used to render the title of the report. This allows the application to set the parameter based on the metadata in the database.


All the parameters that drive the report need to be prefixed with param#. The application integration uses this prefix to recognize parameters that should be rendered to the end user, or set by the application, for the report. There are certain parameters that the application integration will set automatically based on the context the report is run from.

Parameter Descriptions
Parameter Description
param#clp_person#id The primary key ID of the person the report is about.
param#clp_program#id The primary key ID of the program.
param#clp_section#id The primary key ID of the course section.
param#clp_ee_section#id The primary key ID of the educational experience section.
param#clp_ai#id The primary key ID of the improvement initiative.
param#clp_ap#id The primary key ID of the improvement project.
param#clp_unit#id The primary key ID of the operating unit.
param#clp_course#id The primary key ID of the course.
param#clp_ee#id The primary key ID of the educational experience.
param#clp_survey#id The primary key ID of the survey or course evaluation.
param#clp_deployment#id The primary key ID of the deployment, for any instrument.
param#clp_prtfl#template#id The primary key ID of the portfolio template.
param#clp_evidencearea#template#id The primary key ID of the artifact template.

To avoid conflicts with these parameters, parameters internal to the report (not intended to be auto-set by the application) should follow the pattern param#rpt_xxxx.

Parameter Prompts

The application now renders prompts directly from the parameters in the report with the BIRT integration. The application integration supports combo boxes, text inputs, check boxes and radio buttons. To render these prompts, make sure to set the parameter handler in the manifest to blackboard.platform.reporting.service.birt.BirtPromptBuilder.