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Blackboard Help

Creating or Editing Hot Link Content

Add or edit links for the left side of a tab from the Create Web Link page. Links can access educational partners, research tools, or any Web page relevant to your institution.

How to Create or Edit Hot Link Content

  1. On the Administrator Panel, under Communities, click Tabs and Modules.
  2. Click Tabs.
  3. In the contextual menu for a tab, click Hot Link Content.
  4. To create a link, click Create Web Link.


    To edit an existing link, in the Hot Link's contextual menu, select Edit. The following table describes the available fields.

    Hot Link Available Fields
    Field Description
    URL Information
    Name Provide a name for the link. The name appears in the Hot Links box.
    URL Provide the URL for the link. This must be the full URL. For example,, not or
    Description Provide a description of the link. The description will appear below the link name in the partnerships box.
    Permit Users to View this Content Click Yes to make the link available.
    Open in New Window Click Yes or No to determine if the link opens the Web site in an external browser window.
    Select Date and Time Restrictions Select Display After and Display Until, and then select the range of dates that the folder will appear.
  5. Click Submit.