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Multi-Section Modules

A multi-section module splits a module into sections and displays different content in each section. You can add, edit, or remove sections.

A section is an area of a multi-section module dedicated to a piece of content. Content can include HTML code, links, and images. The sections appear in the module in the order you choose.

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How to Create or Edit a Section in a Multi-Section Module

  1. On the Administrator Panel, in the Communities section, click Tabs and Modules.
  2. Click Modules.
  3. On the Module page, in the Type column, you can see which modules are multi-section modules. Access the multi-section module's contextual menu.
  4. Select Edit Contents. To reorder, point to a section to access the double arrow icon. Press and move it to a new location.
  5. On the Edit page, to create a new section, click Create Section on the action bar.


    To edit an existing section, access the module's contextual menu and click Edit.

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  6. Click Submit.

The following table describes the available options on the Create and Edit pages.

Multi-Section Module Options
Edit Section Properties
Title [r] The title for the section. The title appears at the top of the section.
Display By Default This module is automatically displayed by default.
Edit Section Content
Link Title Name of a link to another web page. The name of the link appears in the section. Clicking the link name in the section opens the web page identified in the Link URL.
Link URL URL for the link. The URL must follow the protocol:, not
Image Source URL Provide the URL to display an image.
Image ALT text Provide the alt text that appears to users who use assistive technology.
Image Alignment From the drop-down list, select an alignment for the image. This controls where the image appears in the section. The choices are left, center, and right.
Image Border Size Select a border size, in pixels, from the drop-down list.
HTML Provide text that displays according to HTML code.