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Blackboard Help

Managing Color Palettes

How to Preview a Color Palette

  1. From the Administrator Panel, in the Communities section, select Brands and Themes
  2. Select Theme and Palette Catalog.
  3. Click Manage Color Palettes.
  4. Access a palette's contextual menu and click Preview.
  5. Click the right and left arrows to move through the different screens. This will give you a picture of what your Institution will look like with its new color palette.

How to Download a Color Palette

You download color palettes from the Color Palettes page. However, you upload the palette on the Create Color Palette page by clicking Create Color Palette at the top of the Color Palettes page.

  1. Access the color palette's contextual menu and click Download.
  2. In the Download File window, click Save.

How to Upload a New Color Palette

  1. Open and unzip the file you downloaded. Move the unzipped file to its own folder.
  2. Make the changes you need.
  3. Rezip the package and rename the zip file so it is easy for you to identify.
  4. Click the Create Color Palette of the Color Palettes page.
  5. Provide a color palette name and reference name. The Reference Name is used to organize the theme files. Both names are required and must be unique.
  6. Provide an optional description.
  7. Upload the color palette package by attaching the file. Browse for a file locally or in the Content Collection.
  8. Click Submit. The updated color palette is added to the list of palettes.

How to Set a New Color Palette

  1. From the system admin panel, select Brands and Themes.
  2. Select Customize Default Brand.
  3. Expand the Color Palette Library link and find your new palette.
  4. Select your new palette and then click Apply All Changes.