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Blackboard Help

Defining the Default Course Design

You can define how the course menu looks and how content displays for new courses.

How to Define the Default Course Design

  1. On the Administrator Panel, in the Communities section, click Brands and Themes.
  2. Click Default Course Design. The following table describes the options.
    Default Course Design Options
    Field Description
    Select Menu Style
    Style Select text or buttons. The preview will display above in the preview area.
    Text Select the theme colors you want to use. You can also select a different background and text color.
    Buttons Open the button library and select the buttons you want to use for the default course menu design. Select a button style or search for the type of button that you want to use. You can search by button type and shape.
    Course Menu Display
    Default Menu View Select Folder View or List View. You can also choose to permit both views.
    Default Content View Select Icon Only, Text Only, or Icon and Text.
  3. Click Submit when you are finished.