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Blackboard Help

Customizing the Help Experience

Within a Language Pack, you can change any of the default links to Blackboard Help.  To change the target of these links, edit the links in the file.

By default, Help links in Blackboard Learn point to various sections of Blackboard Help in the version appropriate for your site and the language associated with your language pack if one exists. These links can be changed to point to other versions of Blackboard Help, including versions for older service packs or versions that you have created, or to other resources such as an institution support web site. To learn more about the availablility of help content in other formats, see Getting Started with Help.

Do not forget to maintain the links to the documentation resources within the Language Pack. Upgrading Blackboard Learn or just the Language Pack can result in broken links to the documentation resources. To learn more, see Troubleshooting Language Pack Issues.

How to Edit the Documentation Links in a Language Pack

The following procedure details how to edit the links using the Language Pack Editor. These links may also be edited by using a text editor.

  1. On the Administrator Panel, under Tools and Utilities, click Language Packs.
  2. Select Edit from the contextual menu for a Language Pack that can be edited.
  3. Scroll down to accept the terms and click Submit.
  4. Search for the file and select Edit from the contextual menu.
  5. Edit the field URLs as appropriate.
    Documentation Properties
    Field Description
    documentation.href.help_home The link to the main landing page of Blackboard Help.
    documentation.href.online_admin The link for the Blackboard Help text on the Administrator Panel under Help. By default this text links to the administrator section of Blackboard Help.
    documentation.href.cp_online_manual The link for the Blackboard Help text on the Control Panel for each course under Help. By default this text links to the instructor section of Blackboard Help.
    documentation.href.student_manual The link for the Blackboard Help text on the Tools page in any course page. By default this text links to the student section of Blackboard Help.
    documentation.href.cs_manual The link for the Help text on the Content Collection tab available after clicking Tools. By default this text links to the content management user section of Blackboard Help.
    documentation.href.online_outcomes The link for the Outcomes Help text under Learn on the Outcomes tab available after clicking Discover. By default this text links to the outcomes assessment section of on Blackboard Help.
    documentation.href.sis_help_key The link for the Student Integration Services Planning Documentation text on the Data Integration > Student Information System Integrations > Sample Documents page. By default this text links to the Planning SIS Integrations topic in Blackboard Help.|video_... The links for help topics and videos that appear in the Sample Content included with the various Course Structures provided by Blackboard for creating courses.
  6. Click Submit.