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Course Messages

The course messages tool gives each course a private and secure system for communication that functions similar to email. Keep in mind that users cannot send or receive messages to anyone outside of the course.

Typically, users access course messages from the course menu.

Course Messaging Options

You can choose whether to allow users to include file attachments with messages and create personal folders. Disabling these functions may help save disk space and prevent users from using course messages to store content. By default, users may not add file attachments to messages and users may not create personal folders.

How to Set Course Messaging Options

On the Administrator Panel, in the Tools and Utilities section, click Course Messages. The following table describes the available fields.

Course Messaging Options
Option Description
Course Messages Tool Options
File Attachments Select the check box to allow users to attach files to messages.
Personal Folders Select the check box to allow users to create personal folders for storing messages.