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About Portfolios

Portfolios are an invaluable tool in academic and professional development, providing a powerful medium for users to efficiently collect and organize artifacts representative of work completed over time. Portfolios offer a means to demonstrate formative and/or summative progress and achievement. Portfolio authors are empowered with tools to effectively present their information in a cohesive, personalized format.

Portfolio Types

There are three types of portfolios available in the system:

  • Personal Portfolios: Personal Portfolios feature more robust tools for authors to give them greater flexibility for personalizing a portfolio’s style. Users are able to personalize colors, fonts, background images and overall content layout beyond the classic frame-based presentation available with Basic Portfolios. With Personal Portfolios, authors collect one or many independent entities called Personal Artifacts which comprise the actual content presented in the portfolio. Within the portfolio, artifacts are organized through placement on portfolio pages. Artifacts can be created as part of or independent of the portfolio authoring process. Authored artifacts can be reused in other portfolios.

    Administrators have the ability to define whole portfolio templates that govern settings that apply to the entire authored portfolio. Templates can control all aspects of the Portfolio style and overall layout. Template designers have the flexibility to define whether certain template settings are restricted (and cannot be altered).

  • Outcomes Portfolios: Outcomes Portfolios and Personal Portfolios function similarly. Outcomes Portfolios are integrated with Blackboard Learn and can be used to form a standardized workflow for the review of portfolios. Outcomes Portfolios are always generated from a template to ensure consistency across each portfolio. Outcomes Portfolios are available only if your institution licenses outcomes assessment. To learn more, see Getting Started with Outcomes Assessment.
  • Basic Portfolios: Basic Portfolios serve as a simple tool for quickly creating portfolios. Basic Portfolios have a simpler design and do not use artifacts, so it is more difficult to reuse content between portfolios. Administrators can turn off Basic Portfolios. Basic Portfolio features and functions are covered in a separate chapter.

My Portfolios

The My Portfolios page is the launching point for viewing, creating, and reviewing Portfolios. The My Portfolios page is accessible from the left-hand navigation controls within the Content Collection tab or from the My Portfolios portal module that may appear on other tabs.

The My Portfolios page includes a search function to locate a specific portfolio. The list of portfolios includes information on the portfolio type, its availability, and links to read comments and manage the portfolio settings.

To view a portfolio from the My Portfolios page, click the portfolio name.