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Blackboard Help

Creating Basic Portfolio Templates

Administrators can create templates and set template availability from the Add Template page.

Administrators can place images and media files that are included in portfolio templates, in a publicly available folder within the Content Collection. For example, they can create a publicly available sub-folder in the Institution folder for portfolio template images.

How to Create a Basic Portfolio Template

  1. Open the Administrator Panel, under Content Management, click Portfolios.
  2. Click Basic Portfolio Templates.
  3. Click Create Template. The following table describes the available fields.
    Field Description
    Template Information
    Name Provide a name for the template.
    Item Create the template in this area using the text box editor. These options are available if the text box editor is On.
    Template Options
    Select Yes or No to make this template available to users. Administrators can create templates and make them available at a later date using this feature.