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Configuring Portfolio Settings

Administrators can make portfolios available to users with specific roles on the Portfolio Settings page.

How to Configure Portfolio Settings

  1. On the Administrator Panel, under Content Management, click Portfolios.
  2. Click Portfolio Settings. The following table describes the available fields.
    Field Description
    General Portfolio Availability
    System Availability Select Yes or No to make portfolios available on the system. If Yes is selected, select the user roles that may create portfolios.
    Available to

    If your institution licenses community engagement, this field will not be available.

    Select the Everyone option to make portfolios available to everyone in the system.

    If the Selected Roles option is chosen, only those roles will have access to the portfolio. Use the arrows to move these roles into the Selected Roles list. Portfolios are available to users with roles that appear in the Selected Roles list.

    Personal Portfolio Settings
    Portfolio Creation Availability Specify the availability of portfolio features by selecting Yes or No. The general portfolio availability must be turned on for these settings to be relevant.
    Basic Portfolio Settings
    Basic Portfolio Creation Availability Select Yes or No to allow or prevent users from adding Basic Portfolios.