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Blackboard Help

Configuring Log Settings

Error and information messages related to the system are generated in the default Tomcat logs. The Log Settings page is used to generate additional information if there is a problem with the system and debugging is necessary. This information is used by Blackboard Support to remedy the situation.

Administrators do not need to restart Tomcat after enabling log events.

About Content Collection Logs

All Content Collection logs are stored in the logs directory under the top-level blackboard directory. Within the logs directory there are folders that store logs as well as an archive folder for logs that have been compressed and stored as a means of managing the size of the log files.

How to Configure Log Settings

  1. On the Administrator Panel, under Content Management, click Technical Settings.
  2. Click Log Settings. The following table describes the available fields.
    Field Description
    General Log Settings
    Log events to file

    Select Yes to log events in the Content Collection to the log file. Select No and events will not be logged.

    Session expiration logging has the potential to cause performance issues in log searched for large installations.

    Path/name of Log File Displays the path to the log file. This field cannot be edited.
    Maximum Log File Size (0 for unlimited) Set the maximum size for a log file.
    Number of Saved Log Files (0 for unlimited) Set the maximum number of logs that are saved.
    Log Informational Message Select Yes or No to log information messages for debugging or statistical information purposes. Fatal error messages are logged regardless of this setting.
    Log Trace Settings
    The log file will automatically include general details for all areas of the Content Collection. Fields that are set to Yes for tracing on this page will include additional details in the log. These options should remain on No, unless the system requires debugging. Turning these options on may result in a significant decrease in system performance.
  3. Click Submit.