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Setting Up Document Stores

The Manage Document Stores page displays the locations and details of document stores in the system. Each top level directory in the Content Collection, such as /users and /courses, is associated with a document store. Administrators can manage the configuration settings of each document store, including the following:

  • JDBC Settings
  • Storage and temporary storage location and settings
  • Deletion audit trail settings and reports

How to Set Up Document Stores

  1. On the Administrator Panel, under Content Management, click Technical Settings.
  2. Click Document Stores. The following table describes the available tasks that are performed by selecting one of the options in the contextual menu for the document store.
    To . . . click . . .
    set the JDBC properties JDBC Settings. The JDBC Settings page appears.
    change the location of the document store Temporary Storage Settings. The Storage Settings page appears.
    set up the temporary storage location for the document store Temporary Storage Settings. The Temporary Storage Settings page appears.
    generate a report of items that have been deleted from the document store Deletion Audit Trail Report. The Deletion Audit Trial Report page appears.
    set the number of days deleted items will be tracked

    Deletion Audit Trail Settings. The Audit Trail Settings page appears.

  3. Click Submit.