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Outcomes Assessment

Use the table to determine if you have the Outcomes Assessment update installed. If you do have the update, you are directed to the relevant topics. If you do not have the update, continue with this page.

How to Determine if Outcomes Assessment Updates Are Installed

How to Determine if You Have Outcomes Assessment Updates
New Outcomes Assessment Experience Not Updated
On the My Institution tab under Tools, if you see a link to Goals and Assessments, you have the Outcomes Assessment updates installed. For information that applies to your system, see Outcomes Assessment Updates instead. On the My Institution tab under Tools, if you see a link to Goals, you have not updated your system. The documentation in this section applies to your system.



The Outcomes Assessment documentation is designed to help institutions as they plan and implement an Outcomes Assessment environment. The focus is not the individual tasks that can be completed through the user interface. This documentation focuses on the elements that are used to build a successful Outcomes Assessment implementation. You will learn how those elements function together to create workflows and relationships for planning, measuring, and evaluating the academic performance of an entire institution.