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Getting Started With Outcomes Assessment

Use the following list when setting up your outcomes assessment environment to perform assessments.

1. Create outcomes courses and sections. Link them to the appropriate Blackboard Learn course sites.

To learn more, see Adding Courses to the Outcomes System.

2. Associate outcomes courses to their outcomes programs.

  1. From the Outcomes tab, navigate to the Outcomes Program.
  2. Click Associated Courses.
  3. Click Associate Course.
  4. Browse for the Outcomes Course.
  5. Click Submit.

3. Authorize goals to make them visible inside course Blackboard Learn sites.

  1. From the Outcomes tab, navigate to the Goal.
  2. Select the Goal.
  3. Click Authorize.

4. Align Blackboard Learn course content and assignments to the relevant goals.

You can align any content to goals. Evidence is only collected from assignments aligned to goals. To learn more, see Managing Alignments.