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Unit Level Goals

Units within an institution can be academic or administrative, but all Units have certain goals they wish to achieve over a period of time. Goals can be very explicit, such as a fundraising goal for the Unit that represents the Alumni Association, a recruiting goal set by the Admissions Unit, or a budgetary spending goal set by the Office of the President. Unit Level goals can also reflect a range of achievement, such as 85 percent of undergraduate core courses will be taught by full-time faculty by 2010, or 50 percent of Biology Majors will enroll in a graduate program within a year of graduation.

After Unit Level goals have been set and added to the system, they can be associated with instruments such as Surveys, Course Evaluations, Artifacts, and Portfolios to measure the level of achievement. Unit Level goals can also be associated with Rubrics to evaluate any criteria and performance indicators for the goal.

Unit Level goals can be aligned with other goals in the system to analyze how they contribute to the achievements of other Units and the institution as a whole.

The information required for defining the creation of new Unit Level goals within an institution is determined by the institution and is controlled by a configurable form available in the Template Builder located on the Administrator Panel. Depending on the individual requirements of a Unit Level goal’s definition, data collection fields that reflect the types of data desired can be added. To learn more, see Configuring the Outcomes Environment.

The list page that displays all the Unit Level goals can be modified so that columns can be added, removed or reordered. The header of the columns can be renamed as well. Make modifications to display the most useful information to users working in the application.

Adding a Unit Level Goal

Unit Level goals are created within a Unit using the Plan Measure Improve menu. Goals can be added manually or they can be batch added. Goals that are made public appear to all users on their list pages. Goals that are not public appear only to the users in the owning Unit.

Editing a Unit Level Goal

Unit Level goals can be edited manually or using a batch process. Edit a Unit Level goal to change the goal’s properties such as its name, attachments, start or end dates. Edit a goal to view and manage the alignments of other goals in the system, or to associate a rubric to the goal.

Removing a Unit Level Goal

To remove a Unit Level goal, select the goal and click Remove. Any alignments and associations for that goal are lost, but the associated Rubrics and aligned goals remain in the system.

Customizing the List Page for Unit Level Goals

Unit Managers have the right to add columns of data, remove columns of data, change the order of the columns, and change the column headers. Removing a column does nothing to the data; it simply removes it from the list page. Changing the column header does not impact the field label on the form. Customized list pages display the same information for all users accessing the Unit.