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Program Reports

Taking the forms of charts and tables as well as downloadable data, Reports summarize data collection for analysis and display. Reporting collects system data in a way that allows it to be analyzed and to display the results of assessment. Reports are relevant to every institutional stakeholder, from the president and provost, to faculty and staff members, accreditation committees, deans and department chairs, students, parents, and the community. Reports are used by many different people on a regular basis to help them make timely decisions, such as assessing whether a program's objectives need updating, if courses are achieving desired learning outcomes, if an instrument used for evaluating learning is effective, or if the institution is the right place to enroll.

Running Reports

View summary information to assess and evaluate performance at the Program level.

Viewing Report Archives

A report that is saved is added to the Report Archive. A saved report is a snapshot in time of the data collected in the system.