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Person Records

Person Records are collections of data about institutional constituents such as students, alumni, faculty, and staff. Person Records represent one element of data in the system that can be affiliated with Units, Programs, and Sections. These Affiliations are created so that Reports can be generated on aggregate numbers of constituents involved with teaching and attending courses, fulfilling Unit or Program Goals, and meeting Course Objectives. The data contained within Person Records may be used to create lists of persons to include in Surveys, Course Evaluations, and other assessment tools.

Person Records are not Outcomes Assessment users or active system records for the Student Information System (SIS).

Adding Person Records

Person Records can be added manually or they can be batch-added from the Administrator Panel. The information required for defining the creation of new Person Records within an institution is determined by the institution and is controlled by a configurable form available in the Template Builder located on the Administrator Panel.

Only one Person Record Template can be active in the system at a time; although multiple Person Record forms can be created and saved for later use. Depending on the individual requirements of a Person Record’s definition, data collection fields that reflect the types of data desired can be added. To learn more, see Configuring the Outcomes Environment.

The list page in the Administrator Panel that displays all the Person Records can be sorted by Person Information or Last Update. Searching capabilities are also present to assist with finding and modifying individual records.

Person Records that are made Public can be viewed and affiliated to Units, Program, and Sections by those Blackboard Outcome users who have permission to create Affiliations. Public Person Records may be viewed and added to Distribution Lists by those users who have permission to create Distribution Lists for instruments.

Modifying and Removing Person Records

Person Records can be modified one at a time from the Administrator Panel, or they can be batch-modified.

Only one version of any Person Record exists at a time. Changes to Person Records are not stored.

Person Records that are removed from the system cause all Affiliations of that record to Units to also be removed. This action cannot be undone. If the record is added back to the system at a later date, any Affiliations also have to be re-added.

Person Record Reports

Person Record Reports that are available within the system include a Summary Report for one or more Persons, a Detailed Report for one or more Persons, and a Summary Report for one or more Persons and Affiliations for each Person.

Outcomes Assessment users who have access to the Administrator Panel are able to access a list page containing all Affiliations for a Person Record. Within the list page search results for that Person Record search, there is a numeral representing the number of Person Record Affiliations for that Person Record. Click this Affiliations link numeral to display a list page that contains all Person Record Affiliations for that Person Record.