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About Improvement Projects

Improvement Projects are sets of procedures for collecting and analyzing information about an institution or one of its components to determine progress toward a set of goals. Improvement Projects collectively summarize the desired level of educational effectiveness and then document actions to improve quality.

Outcomes Assessment Improvement Projects provides an intuitive online interface that allows institutions to easily and effectively perform in one place all of the tasks that comprise an assessment. Improvement Projects is designed to replace manual paper processes and combinations of manual and electronic processes used to construct and complete an assessment. Improvement Projects can help achieve the following goals:

  • Organization-wide status of Improvement Initiatives
  • Organization-wide reporting on the content of assessment
  • Consistency across departments and the sharing of best practices
  • Discovery of connections between departments, goals, and resources in real time
  • A permanent archive of work as the department’s administration changes

Creating Improvement Projects for individual Units breaks down a larger Improvement Initiative into tangible parts that can be addressed by each department or Unit. All Improvement Projects supporting an initiative are linked to it so that data across all the projects can be reported on.

Not all Improvement Projects will be or need to be linked to a larger initiative. Improvement Projects for a course review, or the review of another process such as faculty tenure or student admissions, can stand alone. Reports from the project are not linked to other projects; no monitoring of aggregate processes is necessary. The reporting from the project itself provides the necessary information for assessment.

Units can have multiple ongoing Improvement Projects such as a program review, a course review, and an accreditation project. Each project can be connected to a single Improvement Initiative or can stand alone, depending on the type of reporting required.

How to Add an Improvement Project

Improvement Projects are created within a Unit using the Plan Measure Improve menu. Improvement Projects are added manually. Improvement Projects that are made Public appear to all users on their list pages. Improvement Projects that are not public appear only to the users in the owning Unit.

The information required for defining the creation of new Improvement Projects within an institution is determined by the institution and is controlled by configurable forms available in the Template Builder located on the Administrator Panel. Depending on the individual requirements of an Improvement Project’s definition, data collection fields that reflect the types of data desired can be added. To learn more, see Accessing the Outcomes Assessment Environment.

To add an Improvement Project:

  1. Navigate to the Unit where you want to add the Improvement Project.
  2. From the Plan/Measure/Improve panel, under Instruments, select Improvement Projects.
  3. Move your cursor over Create Improvement Project and select the type of project you want to create:
    • Strategic Planning Project
    • Accreditation Project
    • Program Review Project

      Image illustrating associated text

  4. Complete the Project Properties. This is the same for every project.
    1. Type the Name for the Improvement Project.
    2. Optionally, type a Description. This will appear in the Improvement Project List page.
    3. Select Public, if you want the project to be viewable by all users.
    4. Select the Status from the drop-down list.
    5. Select the Associated Improvement Initiative from the drop-down list.
    6. Select the Start Date and End Date.
    7. Add an attachment. Click Browse My Computer or Browse Content Collection to select files that are related to this Improvement Initiative and add them for easy reference later.
  5. Click Submit.