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Managing Improvement Projects

Improvement Projects are managed by controlling the project’s Properties, Objectives, Comments, Settings, Reports, Forms, and the users who have access to it.

Customizing the List Page for Improvement Projects

Unit Managers have the right to add columns of data, remove columns of data, change the order of the columns, and change the column headers. Removing a column does nothing to the data; it simply removes it from the list page. Changing the column header does not impact the field label on the form. Customized list pages appear the same for all users accessing the Improvement Project.

Improvement Projects Properties

The properties of an Improvement Project are defined by the Improvement Project template available in the Template Builder located on the Administrator Panel. These properties can be edited by clicking Improvement Projects located on the Plan Measure Improve menu under Instruments.

Improvement Projects Objectives

Each Improvement Project template has its own set of objective forms that determine the information and steps for adding and modifying objectives. Objectives can be added by clicking Improvement Projects located on the Plan Measure Improve menu under Instruments.

Comments Settings

Comments can be added to an Improvement Project when made available using Comments Settings. Comments can be made public so that they are accessible by all users with access to the Improvement Project.


Run reports that have been made available to the Improvement Project. Report definitions, availability, branding, and scheduling are managed using the Administrator Panel.

Report Archives

The Report Archive is a repository for stored reports. A stored report is a snapshot in time containing static data as it existed at the moment the report was run and saved. To see the latest view of a report, run the report again.

To remove a stored report, select the report and click Remove.

Removing a stored report does not remove the report definition, but merely the saved version of that report.

360º View

A 360º View of an Improvement Project displays a complete summary report delivered in HTML format detailing the properties of the project and all of its associated Improvement Project Objectives.

Removing an Improvement Project

To remove an Improvement Project, select the project and click Remove.

Removing an existing Improvement Project does not remove any associated Improvement Initiatives.

Improvement Projects Forms

Blackboard Learn has several default templates available for Improvement Projects. Each template has its own set of properties and objective forms that can be modified to suit an institution’s business rules and unique processes.

Each Improvement Project template also has a set of activity forms that are used to model the steps of the project. For example, the default template for a strategic planning improvement project has three activity forms that represent the steps in a strategic plan: Implementation, Analysis and Change Plan. These forms can be modified to suit an institution’s business rules and unique processes. They can also be copied and then modified, adding new forms that represent new steps in the strategic plan.


Add and remove users from the Unit that owns the Improvement Project using the Users link on the Plan Measure Improve menu. Improvement Projects are a context within a Unit within Outcomes Assessment and as such have their own sets of users that have permissions to access and manipulate the project. To learn more about contextual roles, see Accessing the Outcomes Assessment Environment.