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Email Distribution Lists

How to Create and Modify Email Distribution List Definitions

Administrators access existing lists and create new lists using the Distribution Lists link on the Discover page. Creating an email Distribution List does not include adding email addresses to the list. You add addresses by clicking Versions in the contextual menu for the list you created and browsing for the file containing the addresses. Uploaded address files must be formatted in plain text with one address per line.

The number of recipients in each version of the list definition appears as a link. Clicking the link displays the recipient addresses and provides options for downloading the file to a local drive or exporting a copy to the Content Collection. Version information can be changed by clicking Edit in the contextual menu for a version. To upload a new file, create a new version of the list.

To create an Email Distribution List:

  1. From the Discover page, under Measure, click Distribution Lists.
  2. Click Create Email List.
  3. Type the list Name.
  4. Optionally, type the Description and Point of Contact.
  5. Select the System Availability.
  6. Click Submit.

Using an Email Distribution List for Deploying Instruments

After an Email Distribution List has been created, it can be used to deploy instruments by users within a context. For example, an email Distribution List has been created by the Outcomes Assessment Administrator with data from the Alumni Office containing email addresses for all Biology Majors who graduated in the past two years. This list has been made available to the Biology Department Unit and the Biology Major Program. Users with a manager or secure manager role in either of those contexts are able to use this list to deploy instruments.