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Adding Outcomes Portfolios

Outcomes Portfolios are created using a Portfolio Template. Templates can be designed by faculty, faculty committees, curriculum committees, and assessment committees to ensure proper instructions and other requirements are included. Templates are added and modified within Units, Workspaces, Programs, Courses, and Educational Experiences to control the look and content of portfolios. Templates are saved where they are created.

How to Add a Portfolio Template

To add a Portfolio Template, navigate to the Unit, Workspace, Program, Course or Educational Experience and select Portfolio Templates from the Plan/Measure/Improve panel under Instruments.

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The following steps for building the template can occur at the same time that the template is created, or can be done at a later date. Steps can be visited in any order, and any of these steps can be marked as Complete or In Progress. Moving from one step to another automatically saves the information in the previous step. If you want to complete the remaining steps later, click Submit.

  1. On the Portfolio Templates page, click Create Template.
  2. Under Properties, type the Template Name and Portfolio Title.
  3. Optionally, enter the Description and Instructions.
  4. Click Save and Continue.
  5. Under Style, design the appearance of the portfolios derived from the template by selecting the layout of the pages, background image and color, navigation menu, and font settings.
  6. Click Save and Continue.
  7. Under Build, click Create Page to add pages to the template to provide recipients with areas to add content to their portfolios. Pages can be blank or include one or more Artifact Templates. To learn more, see About Outcomes Artifacts. Headers and Footers can be added to every page to display branding and copyright information.
  8. Click Save and Continue.
  9. Under Targets, click Browse to associate existing goals to provide target data to measure achievement that is reflected in outcomes alignment reports.
  10. Click Save and Continue.
  11. Under Rubrics, click Browse to associate existing rubrics to portfolios to evaluate them using a consistent scale of identified criteria.
  12. Click Save and Continue.
  13. Under Settings, select Recipient Settings and Availability Settings to control how recipients interact with the template and whether the template is available to other users to copy and deploy.
  14. Click Submit to save the template. Click Save and Deploy if you are ready to send the template.