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Deploying Portfolio Templates

Deployments distribute Portfolio Templates to selected recipients at specific times. Portfolio Templates can be redistributed by creating new deployments instead of creating new Portfolio Templates. Each deployment can target different sets of recipients, be distributed using different methods, display customized messages to recipients, and send automatic reminders to recipients who have not responded.

Portfolio Templates are deployed to recipients selected from various groups and lists. Recipients are selected using one or more of the following options:

  • A group including all Persons directly affiliated with a place.
  • One or more existing Distribution Lists.

To learn more, see Outcomes Affiliations and Outcomes Distribution Lists.

With sufficient privileges, the person deploying the Portfolio Template can preview the recipients included in each Affiliation group or Distribution List. Affiliation group recipients can be viewed only before the deployment has started because the members of the group might have changed since the deployment started.

As recipients are added, the calculated total number of recipients can be refreshed. When the deployment is started, it will be distributed to approximately the number of recipients listed. The actual number of recipients may vary because duplicate recipients occurring across the recipient selections might be removed during processing.

After the deployment has been started, the Portfolio Template is distributed to the selected recipients by Course Announcement, System Announcement, or Email. The deployed template appears in the recipient’s Content Collection folder. From there, the recipient interacts with the template, adding content, organizing pages, or adding comments. The recipient then submits the Portfolio to the sender for evaluation. Optionally, evaluation of the Portfolio can be published to the submitter.

While the deployment is active, additional recipients can be added to that deployment at any time using a Distribution List. Additional recipients cannot be added to that deployment using Affiliations.