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Outcomes Portfolios, Outcomes Artifacts, and Content Management

To successfully use Outcomes Portfolios and Outcomes Artifacts, content management must be enabled on the Administrator Panel. After it is made available, you need to adjust a few other settings:

  • Portfolios must be made available for users. On the Administrator Panel, click Portfolios under Content Management, and click Portfolio Settings. Set System Availability to Yes.
  • The Content Area Availability must allow users to add content and be made available. On the Administrator Panel, click Content Area Management under Content Management, and then Content Area Availability. Set Allow Add Content to Yes.


The workflow for Outcomes Portfolios and Outcomes Artifacts begins Outcomes Assessment with the design of the instrument template. Next, a distribution list is created by selecting recipient affiliations, a pre-made Distribution List or a combination of both. The distribution list is used to deploy a template to recipients by notifying them by email, by system announcement, or by course or organization announcement.

Recipients of templates for Portfolios and Artifacts must have a Blackboard Learn user account. After recipients receive notification that a template has been sent to them, they can find a copy of the template in their content management user account. Users can then interact with the template and submit it to the sender for review.

Submitted Portfolios and Artifacts are received in Outcomes Assessment by the owner of the template. They can be evaluated and used in reports. Evaluators have the option of publishing their comments back to the owner of the Outcomes Portfolio or Outcomes Artifact. After they have been published, comments cannot be changed.

Portfolio evaluators and others who have Portfolios shared with them by other users may remove the links to these shared items that display in their Received Portfolios view. To remove links to shared Portfolios, select the items and click Remove.