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About Outcomes Artifacts

Outcomes Artifact Templates can be used to collect artifacts, or files, from any user. Outcomes Artifact Templates provide a venue for direct assessment of student learning. A template is created identifying the artifacts needed for evaluation and the rubrics those artifacts will be measured against. From here Artifacts can be collected, reviewed, evaluated, and reported on.

Outcomes Artifacts represent individual examples of student work. This work can be collected directly from the students as well as from the units, programs, courses, and educational experiences the students are enrolled in.

Artifacts can become part of a portfolio, making a larger body of work. To extend the analogy made in the overview of Outcomes Portfolios, Outcomes Artifacts are like the different types of pages that make up a binder of work. Different Artifact Templates are created and modified within Units, Workspaces, Programs, Courses, and Educational Experiences to control the look and content of Artifacts. Artifact Templates are saved where they are created.

How to Add an Outcomes Artifact Template

  1. Navigate to the Unit, Workspace, Program, Course, or Educational Experience to add the Outcomes Artifact Template.
  2. On the Plan/Measure/Improve Panel, under Instruments, select Artifact Templates.


  3. Click Create Template.


  4. Under the Properties tab:
    1. Choose Create new to create a new template.
    2. Type a Name for the Outcomes Artifact Template. Use a descriptive name that you can search for easily later.
    3. Optionally, type a Description and Instructions.

      The description and instructions are visible to recipients to provide the information needed to successfully submit their Artifact.

    4. Optionally, select Send Directly to Evaluators.

      At this point you decide who you want to deploy the template to. You cannot return to this tab and edit your selection once you save it. Select this option only if student input is not required. Learn more about Deploying Outcomes Artifact Templates.

    5. Click Save and Continue.
  5. Under the Build tab:
    1. Select if you want to Hide this section from recipients.
    2. Click Add File Upload Field.
    3. Type the Field Label.
    4. Optionally, type Field Instructions specific to the content that you want uploaded by the template.
    5. Optionally, select Display the field instructions in finished views of the Artifact, if you want to have these instructions.
    6. Select the Field Type, File Upload or Textbox entry with optional file inclusion.
    7. Click Submit.

      Click Preview to view the template as a recipient.

    8. Click Save and Continue.
  6. Under the Settings tab:
    1. Select the Reflection methods allowed: Personal Reflection Space and Rubric. This provides the recipient an opportunity to do a self evaluation with their Artifact by commenting in their Personal Reflection Space as well as completing a rubric.
    2. Select Require Disclaimer to include a disclaimer that states recipient is granting permission for their Artifact to be reviewed for identified purposes when submitting an Outcomes Artifact.
    3. Select to allow or prevent Resubmissions.
    4. Set the template availability. Select the Make Public to make the template available. After selecting Make Public optionally select Allow deployment in other places or Allow copy to other places check boxes as you want.

      Making no selection will leave the Outcomes Artifact Template unavailable.

  7. Click Save and Continue.
  8. Click Submit.

How to Add Goals and Rubrics to an Artifact Template

It is good practice to inform students and other interested parties, such as additional evaluators, what is expected from each Artifact submitted. This is best done when creating the Artifact Templates by aligning goals, as well as rubrics.

The aligned Goals as well as Rubrics can be hidden from students.

You can add the goals and rubrics at any time during template creation or at a later time. It is important that goals and rubrics are added to the Artifact Template before the template is deployed. After a template has been deployed associations cannot be modified.

To add goals and rubrics to an Artifact Template:

  1. Navigate to and click the Outcomes Artifact Template.


  2. Click Associate Targets.
  3. Under the Targets tab:
    1. Select if you want to Hide this section from recipients.
    2. Browse for the goals the template will provide evidence for.
  4. Click Save and Continue.
  5. Under the Rubrics tab:
    1. Select if you want to Hide this section from recipients.
    2. Browse for the Rubrics the template will be evaluated by.
  6. Click Submit.