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Deploying Course Evaluations

After a Course Evaluation is created within a context, other context level users can view it if the Course Evaluation has been made public and the viewer is a member of that context. Members of other contexts can discover the Course Evaluation if it is made public. As well, other context managers can copy or deploy the Course Evaluation depending on their permissions.

Showing Descendents

Expand the view of listed Course Evaluations by clicking Show Descendents to view all Course Evaluations in all sub-contexts of the given Unit including Workspaces.

When the expanded view of Course Evaluations is displayed, the context that created or owns each Course Evaluation is presented. This informs viewers of the level in which each Course Evaluation exists. Information on Course Evaluations that are deployed by users who do not own the Course Evaluation is included in the expanded view. The number of deployments is included in the expanded view, and clicking on the count will take the user to that Course Evaluation’s context and the associated deployment page.

Using the expanding view for listing all Course Evaluations within a given Unit and its sub-Units is valuable for viewing how master Course Evaluations are shared with other contexts and so that the owning Unit can access reporting data as well as any sub-Unit deploying the Course Evaluation. For example, a Vice President for Academic Affairs defines a standard Course Evaluation from the Academic Affairs Unit, makes it public, and selects Allow Deployment. The standard Course Evaluation becomes deployable in other contexts. Other users can subsequently create a new deployment by selecting Deploy from Catalog. When a user in the Academic Affairs Unit selects the expanded view of Course Evaluations, the all the Course Evaluations owned by that Unit and its sub-Units are displayed. Any sub-Unit that deployed the standard Course Evaluation appears in the list with the owning Unit appearing beneath.

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How to Deploy Course Evaluations

Deployments distribute Course Evaluations to selected recipients at specific times. Course Evaluations can be redistributed by creating new deployments instead of creating new Course Evaluations. Each deployment can target different sets of recipients, be distributed using different methods, display customized messages to recipients, and send automatic reminders to recipients who have not responded.

To add a deployment to a course evaluation:

  1. Access a course evaluation's contextual menu and select Deployments.

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  2. Click Create Deployment.
  3. Type a Name for the deployment and an optional Description.
  4. Select the submission identification:
    1. Anonymous
    2. Identified

    Users are informed if the course evaluation will be submitted anonymously or not.

  5. Click Save and Continue.
  6. Select Recipients by Group:
    1. No group recipients
    2. All persons directly connected to the Unit
    3. Only persons connected to the Programs, Courses, Educational Experiences, or Sections of the Unit.
  7. Click Browse Lists to select Recipients by List.

    Distribution lists can be created by an administrator and shared, or they can be created on the Discoverpage. For email lists, files containing lists of recipient email addresses can be uploaded from your computer or from the Content Collection. The email addresses in these files may or may not already exist within the system. Each email address must be on a separate line in the file.

  8. Click Refresh Recipients for an approximate total.

    With sufficient privileges, the person deploying the Course Evaluation can preview the recipients included in each Affiliation group or Distribution List. Affiliation group recipients can be viewed only before the deployment has started because the members of the group might have changed since the deployment started. As recipients are added, the calculated total number of recipients can be refreshed. When the deployment is started, it will be distributed to approximately the number of recipients listed. The actual number of recipients may vary because duplicate recipients occurring across the recipient selections might be removed during processing.

  9. Click Save and Continue.
  10. Choose a Notification Method and click Edit to revise it:
    1. Course Announcement
    2. Institution Announcement
    3. Email
  11. Type an email under Email Settings.

    An email is only required if you want to change the default message and auto reminders are set.

  12. Click Edit to modify each of the Automated System Response Messages.
  13. Click Save and Continue.
  14. Select when to start and end deployment.
  15. Click Add Reminder and edit the reminder fields.
  16. Click Save.
  17. Click Save and Exit.
  18. Click Start Now.
  19. Click OK in Warning window to distribute the course evaluation to all recipients.