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Outcomes Rubric Star Schema

This schema provides results of instrument submission evaluations completed using rubrics.


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ODS_RUBRIC_EVAL_CELL_FACT_VW has one row in this view for each row selected in each Rubric Evaluation. Only rows belonging to evaluations of the most recent submissions are included (for a user-deployment combination). Rows belonging to self evaluations are filtered out.

Rubric Evaluation Information
Column Description Used to filter ODS_SURVEY_ANSWER_FACT_VW records by
pk1 Unique Identifier.  
person_pk1 Identifies the person that submitted the instrument being evaluated. Personal attributes such as gender or zip code.
rubric_cell_pk1 Identifies the ods_rubric_cell_dim_vw record for the cell that was chosen as part of the published evaluation. Rubric attributes.
submission_pk1 Identifies the ods_submission_fact_vw record for the submission that the published Rubric is evaluating. In cases where a single student responds twice to the same deployment and both are evaluated with the same Rubric, the two sets of ods_rubric_eval_cell_fact_vw records can be grouped by their submission_pk1 values.
submission_recieved_date The date that the instrument being evaluated was submitted.  
deployment_pk1 Identifies the deployment that caused the Survey or Course Evaluation being answered to be sent to the submitter. Deployment attributes, or by the instrument being deployed. Only one instrument can be deployed at a time.
instrument_pk1 Identifies the instrument that this submission is for.  Instrument attributes.
affiliation_pk1 Identifies the ods_affiliation_dim_vw record for the entity that the submitter was affiliated with that caused them to have the evaluated instrument deployed to them in the first place. Affiliation_pk1 is actually a concatenation of type E=Educational Experience Section, C= Course Section, P=Program, O=Operating Unit, and the actual pk1. Affiliation attributes. If the entity that the person is affiliated with is a Section or Educational Experience Section, it is possible to filter on attributes of the Course or Educational Experience that owns the Section and up to 3 levels of attributes of the owning Place (Unit).
distr_list_pk1 Identifies the distribution list that caused this submitter to have this Survey or Course Evaluation deployed to them. Distribution List.

Sample Query

This query lists the results of a Rubric that was used to evaluate the submissions for a single deployment of an instrument. Counts of each evaluation that chose each Rubric cell are grouped by row and column and sorted by the gender of the submitter.

SELECT cell.rubric_row_header, cell.rubric_column_header, count(*)

                    FROM ods_rubric_eval_cell_fact_vw rf

                                        INNER JOIN ods_rubric_cell_dim_vw cell ON cell.pk1 = rf.rubric_cell_pk1

                                        INNER JOIN ods_person_dim_vw per ON per.pk1 = rf.person_pk1

WHERE rf.deployment_pk1 = 1 AND

                                        cell.rubric_pk1 = 1

GROUP BY cell.rubric_row_header,



ORDER BY cell.rubric_row_header,