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Content Editor Math Formulas

Math Formulas Improved in the Content Editor

You now have full math editing capabilities on all platforms with the new JavaScript-based WIRIS editor. This editor also improves accessibility.

The new math editor supports the editing and display of LaTeX formulas. In display mode, the formulas display normally. In editing mode, the LaTeX for the formulas displays. LaTeX formulas can be edited directly using LaTeX or by clicking in the formula and opening the WIRIS editor for true WYSIWYG editing. When you save the formula, it is not converted and retains its LaTeX origin. This is useful for users who have libraries of LaTeX formulas. You can simply copy-paste a formula into the editor for reuse or as the basis for new formula.


WIRIS provides the math formula editing capabilities of the Content Editor that was introduced in SP 10. In SP 10, the WIRIS plugin was delivered as a Java Applet, which meant that math editing was not available to all platforms because java virtual machine capabilities were required on the target platform.

SP 12 brings a new WIRIS editor that is based on JavaScript. This removes the dependence on Java and enables full math-editing capabilities on platforms that cannot run Java in browsers, including iOS. The functionality of the WIRIS math editor does not extend to all platforms that are capable of running a JavaScript enabled browser.

The move from the non-accessible applet-based editor to a JavaScript-based editor improves accessibility.

The editor is backward compatibility with existing WebEq, WIRIS 2.0 formulas and ensures proper formula compatibility in CE4, Vista, and ANGEL course conversion.

To learn more see Using the Content Editor.