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Social Learning Tools

If you do not see this feature, your institution has not made it available.

Requirements: Some Social Learning Tools require Community Engagement

About Social Learning Tools

With the new social learning tools available for Blackboard Learn, you and your students can discover, connect, and collaborate with others from your institution as well as other Blackboard Learn institutions. We have created a Blackboard Learn global learning network to allow users to learn from each other through social, informal means - complementing the more formal classroom and online course experiences. 

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With Blackboard's social learning tools you can:

  • Have an enhanced Profile where you create your online academic identity and share only what you want to share. Profiles include a profile wall for communication and the ability to message and follow other users to make connections and build your learning network.
  • Use the People tool to find your students and peers, at your institution or at another institution with Blackboard Learn, and build your global learning network.
  • Message anyone within the global learning network.
  • Create a collaboration Space that you control, where you can communicate with others for departmental collaboration, best practice sharing, committee work, or to foster social learning among your students. You can also participate in spaces created by your peers or students.

To Learn more, see My Blackboard.