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Test and Survey Options

Test and survey options allow you to edit the name and description of a test or survey. Options control the availability, presentation, and feedback. These options are available only after a test or survey is added to a content area. When you add a test or survey to a content area, it is "deployed."

To edit options for a deployed test or survey, access a test or survey's contextual menu and select Edit the Test Options or Edit the Survey Options.

Test Availability Exceptions

New settings—called Test Availability Exceptions—have been added to the Test/Survey Options page, available only after the test or survey is added to a content area. The new settings allow instructors to select one or more groups of students and make a number of exceptions to the already established availability settings. Instructors can use exceptions to provide an accommodation to a disabled student, or provide accommodations for technology and language differences.

You can change these settings at any time, even after the test has been attempted by some students. If conflicts in rules occur, the most permissive settings for that user or group of users is granted. For example, students would receive the greatest number of attempts, longest availability time, and so on.

You can create exceptions for:

  • Number of attempts.
  • Time of test.
  • Auto submit on or off.
  • Availability of test using start and end dates.
  • Force completion on or off.

Show Test Results and Feedback to Students

After they complete a test, test results and feedback are available to students. By setting up rules, you can set the release of progressive feedback to keep test results secure and prevent cheating.

For example, you can choose After Submission to present Score, All Answers, Correct, Submitted, Feedback, and Show Incorrect Answers to show students their scores along with all answer options. Student also see their submitted answers marked as correct or incorrect and any feedback you provided.

Test Feedback Options
Feedback Mode Description

Sets the time when test results and feedback are shown to students:

  • After Submission
  • One-time View
  • On Specific Date
  • After Due Date
  • After Availability and End Date
  • After Attempts are Graded
Score Shows the final score out of points possible to students.
All Answers Shows all answer options for certain question types, such as multiple choice.
Correct Shows the correct answers.
Submitted Shows all the student's submitted answers.
Feedback Shows instructor generated feedback messages for each question.
Show Incorrect Questions Shows the questions the student answered incorrectly or partially incorrectly.

Test Begin Page

The first page students see before a test includes several changes that clarify taking the test, including:

  • The test description, when provided by the instructor.
  • The test instructions, when provided by the instructor.
  • Forced completion and timer setting descriptions.

If students already completed an attempt, they see a test previously taken page. From here they can:

  • See previous completion information, and the number of attempts remaining, if any.
  • Go back to their courses.
  • View previous attempts.
  • Take the test again, if permitted.

Adding Questions to a Test

Before students take a test, you can add new questions exactly where you want them on the test canvas. Click the plus sign before or after another question and choose a question type.

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Due Date and Late Submissions

A new setting lets you decide whether or not to allow a student to take a test after the due date has passed. If students are not allowed to take a test after the due date has passed, they will receive a message telling them the test cannot be completed because the due date has passed.

When you allow late submissions, they are clearly marked on the Needs Grading page, the View All Attempts page, the Review Test Submission page, and the Grade Details page.

To Learn More

To learn more, see Using the Test and Survey Canvas and Test and Survey Options.