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Editing Groups

On the Groups listing page, you can create groups, as well as edit and manage them. Each group’s contextual menu provides quick access to the group homepage and email. You can also access the options to edit group properties and delete groups.

Editing a group allows you to add or remove members, as well as change its name, availability, and tools. In addition, you can allow students to create their own self-enroll groups.

  • Open: This option opens the group homepage, where you can add course or group modules.
  • Edit: This option opens the Edit Group page. Edit any of the initial options chosen when you created the group, with the exception of changing the Grade option for gradable group blogs, journals, and wikis.
  • Email: This option allows you to send an email message to the entire group or to select members in it. To learn more, see Sending Email to a Course Group.
  • Delete: Remove a group you no longer need. If grade columns exist in the Grade Center for the group such as for gradable group blogs, journals, or wikis, you can retain the columns. On the Delete Confirmation page, do not select the check boxes for any columns that you need to preserve.

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