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About Collaboration Sessions

Collaboration sessions are real-time lessons and discussions. Two primary collaboration tools are available:

  • Chat: Chat is an exchange of text messages online.
  • Virtual classroom: Virtual classroom is a shared online environment where users can view links, share desktops, exchange files, and chat. You can save and record both types of collaboration for future review.

Use the Collaboration Session page to manage the collaboration tools available in Blackboard Learn. From this page, you can access all of the collaboration sessions for the course, including those that have already taken place and are recorded and those that are scheduled for the future. You can also schedule new collaboration sessions and make changes to those already scheduled from this page.

Default Collaboration Sessions

Each course and organization begins with two default collaboration sessions. The Lecture Hall is the default virtual classroom, and Office Hours is the default chat room. You can delete or rename these default sessions.

Deleting a session cannot be undone.

Using Collaboration Session Functions

The following functions are available from the Collaboration Sessions page:

To Select
Create a new collaboration session Create Collaboration Session. The Create Collaboration Session page appears. To learn more, see Creating and Editing Collaboration Sessions.
Filter the sessions listed on the page The arrow next to the drop-down list and select the type of session to display. Click Filter. The filters include:
  • Show All: The default filter that displays all of the collaboration sessions.
  • Available Sessions: Displays all of the sessions that are currently being used.
  • Sessions with Recordings: Displays completed sessions that have a recording.
  • Future Sessions: Displays sessions that are scheduled to take place in the future.
Search for a session The Session Name, Start Date or End Date option and then enter a value in the field. Click Search.
Enter a session Join from the contextual menu for the session. The virtual classroom or chat for that session opens. To learn more, see Virtual Classroom and Chat.
Access the recordings for a session Recordings next to the session. The Session Recordings page appears. To learn more, see Recording Sessions.
Change the name, availability, or tools used during the session Edit from the contextual menu for the session. The Edit Session Recordings page appears.
Delete a session

Delete from the contextual menu for the session.

Note:  This action cannot be undone.