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Blackboard Help

Creating and Editing Collaboration Sessions

Use the following steps to create or edit a collaboration session:

  1. On the Control Panel, expand the Course Tools section and select Collaboration.
  2. On the Collaboration Sessions page, click Create Collaboration Session on the action bar.


    To edit a collaboration, access the session's contextual menu and select Edit.

  3. Complete the fields as appropriate.
    Field Descriptions
    Field Description
    Session Name
    Session Name Type the name of the new session.
    Schedule Availability
    Select Dates of Availability

    Optionally, select the dates during which the collaboration session will be available: a start date and time and an ending date and time.

    Setting availability by date is not required. If these are not set, then the session is always open and available for users, subject to the Available setting.

    Available Select Yes to make the session available.
    Collaboration Tool
    Choose a Tool for this Session Select Virtual Classroom or Chat.