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Recording Sessions

Session recordings allow users to review collaboration sessions and are archived by date. A given session will not appear in the list of saved recordings until the session moderator has stopped recording.

If you do not stop the recording and exit the collaboration session, the recording will not end and no information will be recorded in the recording duration column. Only when the session moderator stops recording or ends the session will the recording actually stop and the duration display.

How to Find the Recording Sessions Page

  1. On the Control Panel, expand the Course Tools section and select Collaboration.
  2. Access a session's contextual menu and select Recordings.

The following table describes the functions available on this page.

Recording Sessions Functions
To Select
Search for a recording in the collaboration session The Recording Name or creation date option in the Search by field. Type the name of the recording or the date it was created in the field and click Search.
Open a recording The recording name.
Change the name or availability of a recording Edit from the contextual menu. The Recording Properties page appears.
Delete a recording Delete. Deleting a recording session cannot be undone.

The Recording Properties page allows you to change the name and availability of a recording session. By default, recordings are available to users.

How to Find the Recording Properties Page

  1. On the Control Panel, expand the Course Tools section and select Collaboration.In the Course Tools area of the Control Panel, click Collaboration.
  2. Access a session's contextual menu and select Recordings.
  3. Access a recording's contextual menu and select Edit.
  4. Complete the fields as appropriate.
    Recording Properties
    Field Description
    Edit Recording Name
    Recording Name Type or edit the name of the recording.
    Availability to Students
    Permit Participants to View Recording

    To enable viewing access for participants, select Yes (default).

    To make a session recording unavailable to participants, select No.

Virtual classroom and chat sessions are recorded and saved for future playback. You can start, stop, pause, and restart recordings during a session. A session can have more than one recording. If you select End to stop a session, then the recorder will automatically stop recording the session.

Remember to stop a session recording or to allow the session to stop it automatically by ending the session. If you simply exit the session, the recording will not stop nor will it be archived.

Using the Recording Controls

Image illustrating associated text

The following table details the functions that appear on the Record menu.

Record Buttons
Buttons Caption
Start Click Start to begin recording a session. You are prompted to name the recording.
Pause Click Pause to pause a recording once it has started. Click again to restart the recording. Both the pause and restart will be marked and time stamped in the recording.
Stop Click Stop to end recording the session. A stop marker and time/date stamp will be included at the end of the recording.
Bookmark Click Bookmark to insert a bookmark anywhere in the recording of the session.

Recording the Whiteboard

Use the snapshot function (shaped like a camera) on the whiteboard tool bar to capture the current state of the whiteboard and save it with the recording.

When replaying the session recording, the whiteboard image shown will update according to the time when the snapshot was captured.

You cannot use the snapshot function unless the session is being recorded.

Controlling Session Recording Availability

By default, session recordings are available to all session participants, including students. If you want, you can restrict availability and deny participants permission to access a session recording.