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Do You Have the Inline Grading Update?

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How to Determine if You Have the Grading Updates
Updated Inline Grading Grading Not Updated
If your wiki grading interface looks like the following image, you have the updated inline grading. You will see a wider, gray sidebar area on the right side of your screen. You will see a house icon and a listing of wiki pages.

For information that applies to your system, see Grading Wikis Inline.

If your wiki topic page looks like the following image, your school has not installed the grading updates. You do not have the updated inline grading if the right side panel is divided into sections and the first section is called About This Wiki.

The information you need about grading appears in this topic.

Image illustrating associated text

Image illustrating associated text

Grading Overview

After you enable grading, a column is created automatically in the Grade Center. View all the pages a student authored and edited as you determine the grade on the Participant’s Contribution page. The grade applies to the wiki, not an individual wiki page. You access the Participant’s Contribution page in the following ways:

  • In the wikis tool, access a wiki and click Participation and Grading on the action bar. Click a user’s name to view their page modifications.
  • On the Needs Grading page, access a wiki’s contextual menu and select Grade All Users. To learn more, see About the Needs Grading Page.
  • In the Grade Center, locate the column for the wiki you want to grade and move the mouse pointer over a cell containing a needs grading icon—the exclamation mark—to access the contextual menu. Select Grade User Activity.

You can edit previously assigned grades on the wiki’s Participant’s Contribution page or in a Grade Center cell.

You cannot change a graded wiki to ungraded. You need to delete the graded wiki from the Wikis listing page and the Grade Center, and create a new ungraded wiki.

Grading Status Icons

Users with wikis that need grading are indicated with the needs grading icon in the Grade Center and on a wiki’s Participation Summary page under View Contributions By. In addition, they are listed on the Needs Grading page.

If during wiki creation you did not select the Show participants in needs grading status check box and select a minimum number of page saves, the needs grading icon will not appear in the Grade Center, on the wiki’s Participation Summary page, and items do not appear on the Needs Grading page.

The in progress icon shows in the Grade Center cell and in a wiki:

  • For student activity that does not meet the minimum number of page saves you set.
  • If you did not select the Show participants in needs grading status check box.

How to View the Participation Summary

On the Participation Summary page, you can view a list of all student participation for the current wiki you are viewing. The information provided can help you understand how students contributed to the overall wiki content. This information can be especially useful when determining individual grades for gradable wikis.

  1. Access a wiki.
  2. On the wiki topic page’s click Participation and Grading for graded wikis or Participation Summary for wikis with no grading.
  3. On the Participation Summary page, view participation for the students who have contributed to the wiki.
  4. In the side panel, view information about the wiki and select a user to view his or her Participant's Contribution page.
    • Page Versions: The Page Version column displays all pages created and edited by the user. This allows you to see precisely how and what content the user contributed and edited. If many pages appear, narrow what is shown using the Display Pages drop-down list on the action bar. A new version is created each time a page is edited. When versions are compared, the difference between any version and its previous version are shown on the Page Comparison page. Click the Legend tab to understand the differences in how one version was changed in comparison to the other version. The Legend tab provides an explanation of the formatting used to communicate version differences.
    • Words Modified: Tally of any words added, deleted, or edited in all pages and each page’s version of the wiki.
    • Page Saves: Tally of any time Submit is clicked on the Edit Wiki Page in the wiki, regardless whether or not content has been changed.

How to Grade Wiki Contributions

In our example, grading starts from the wikis tool.

  1. Access a wiki.
  2. On the wiki topic page’s click Participation and Grading on the action bar.
  3. On the Participation Summary page, select a student's name in the View Contributions By section. Students with contributions ready for grading appear the exclamation marks, the needs grading icon.
  4. On the Participant’s Contribution page, a list of the student’s pages and page versions open in the content frame. You can also view information about the contributions. In the Page Version column, click a page’s title to review it.
  5. When ready to grade, in the Grade section in the side panel, click Edit Grade. The grading field appears in the side panel.
  6. Type a numeric grade in the Current Grade Value box, or use an associated rubric. To learn more, see Rubrics.
  7. Optionally, type Feedback for the student and Grading Notes, which appear to you and graders only. Optionally, use the spell check function in the bottom of each box. Click Text Editor to access all the content editor functions for formatting text and adding URLs, attachments, images, mashups, and multimedia.
  8. Click Save Grade to add the grade, feedback, and grading notes to the Grade section and to the Grade Center.

    Image illustrating associated text

  9. Use the Previous User and Next User arrows in View Contributions By section to access more contributions to grade.

You can edit the grade, feedback, or grading notes by clicking the Edit Grade function again at any time. The changes appear in the Grade section and in the Grade Center. The changes are documented in the Grade Center in the Grade History tab on the student's Grade Details page.

Grading a Group Wiki

On the Participation Summary page, the needs grading icon appears in the View Contributions By section for group members when a group wiki needs grading. When you add a grade for a group wiki on the Participation Summary page, the grade is automatically given to all the members of the group and is populated in the corresponding column in the Grade Center for each group member. All members are assigned a grade, regardless if a member did not contribute. Students can view their group wiki grades in My Grades and on their My Contribution pages.

Image illustrating associated text

Change an Individual Member's Grade

You can assign an individual group member a different grade than the group by editing the grade for the member. If you change a group member’s grade, and you assign a new group grade, the new group grade will not affect the individual’s new grade. The grade the individual member received and the grade the group received are both shown. The individual’s new grade will not appear to the other group members.

On the Participation Summary page, select the group member from the View Contributions By section. The Participant’s Contribution page displays the group member’s contributions. You can change the group grade for this member in the side panel by clicking Edit Grade.

The group grade and the individual group member’s edited grade appear in the Grade Center in the column that was created automatically when you enabled grading for the group wiki.

Grayed out cells appear in the group wiki column for course members who are not part of the group. You can also edit the grade from the Grade Center.

Image illustrating associated text

How to Revert a Member’s Edited Grade

You can revert a member’s edited grade to the original group grade, which all group members received. Alternatively, edit the grade that was changed on the group wiki page by selecting the user.

  1. In the Grade Center, access the member’s Grade Details page.
  2. After you edit a member’s group grade, the Revert To Group Grade function appears. Click Revert To Group Grade.
  3. Click OK. The member’s grade is changed to the original group grade.
  4. Click Return to Grade Center to return to the main Grade Center page and view the edited grade column. This grade change also appears on the group wiki page when the user's name is selected.

Deleting a Group

If you no longer need a group, you can delete it. If the group has gradable items connected to it, the Delete Confirmation page appears. You can retain any group grade columns you need. On the Delete Confirmation page, do not select the check boxes for any columns that you want to preserve.

Image illustrating associated text