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Managing an Assessment

The Self and Peer Assessment building block provides many tools to assist the management of an assessment. These include three adaptive release options: review status, statistics tracking, and assessment metadata.

How to Create Adaptive Release Rules for an Assessment

  1. Access an assessment's contextual menu.
  2. Select Adaptive Release.
  3. In the Date section, set the Display After and Display Until dates using the check boxes and Date and Time fields.
  4. In the Username box, type the username of any specific user to add or use the Browse function.
  5. For Course Groups, in the Items to Select box, select groups and move them to Selected Items box with the right-pointing arrow.
  6. In the Grade section, use the Select a Grade Center column drop-down list to assign a Grade Center column for this assessment.
  7. Select one of the Select Condition options:
    • User has at least one attempt for this item.
    • Choose Score or Percent: Less than or equal to, Greater than or equal to, or Equal to and type a number in the box.
    • Choose Score or Precent Between and type numbers for the range.
  8. In the Review Status section, click Browse and select an assessment to enable Review Status. Click the Clear function to delete the previous entry.
  9. Click Submit.

About Adaptive Release: Advanced

Use the Adaptive Release: Advanced tool to create and edit rules that determine the visibility of this assessment to users. To learn more, see Controlling the Release of Content.

How to Enable Review Status

Use the Review Status tool to provide users the ability to mark the assessment as reviewed.

  1. Access an assessment's contextual menu.
  2. Select Set Review Status.
  3. On the Review Status page, select the Enable option.
  4. Click Submit.

How to Enable Statistics Tracking

  1. Access an assessment's contextual menu.
  2. Select Statistics Tracking.
  3. On the Statistics Tracking page, select On.
  4. Click Submit.

How to View System Tracking Statistics

  1. Access an assessment's contextual menu.
  2. Select View Statistics Report.
  3. On the Course Reports page, run the Content Usage Statistics report. To learn more, see Generating Course Reports.

How to View and Apply Metadata to an Assessment

You can apply metadata information for an assessment. To learn more, see Adding Question Metadata.

  1. Access an assessment's contextual menu.
  2. Select Metadata.
  3. On the Course Item Metadata page, add the appropriate information.
  4. Click Submit.