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Reusing Questions

You can reuse questions from all existing tests, surveys, and pools in your course.

Copying and Linking to Questions

When you reuse questions, you locate them on the Find Questions page. You can choose to Copy a Question from an existing test to a new test, or Link to the original question in the new test. The difference is that if a linked question is changed, those changes are reflected everywhere a link to that question occurs. Questions that are linked display an icon that indicates they are used in other tests. After you deploy an assessment, any changes you made to the original linked version do not affect the versions in the deployed assessment. Alternatively, when a question is copied, changes made to one instance of the question are not reflected in the other instances. Copy is the default selection.

  • Benefits to copying questions: Copying allows you to modify a question freely for any given test, survey, or pool. There is also a reduced risk of consistency issues should the original version of the question be modified.
  • Drawbacks to copying questions: If you correct or change the original question, the copied version will no longer be the same as the original. If you need a global change, you must locate and modify each copied instance of the question individually.
  • Benefits to linking questions: Linking helps maintain uniformity, but only until you deploy an assessment. If you need to make a global change to the question, it might only need to be made in one place.
  • Drawbacks to linking questions: You cannot modify a linked question for a non-deployed assessment, except by changing the original source question—which also means every other non-deployed assessment linking to the question is impacted as well.

About the Find Question Page

You can use the Find Questions page to filter and select questions when adding individual questions or a random block to a test. To learn more, see Creating and Editing a Random Block.

The Find Questions page consists of the active filter area that displays all the questions that meet your search criteria. This is a dynamic list that changes automatically as you select or clear criteria. The Selected Questions area displays the questions you have already selected, eliminating the need to scroll up and down long lists of questions.

When reusing a question, questions in tests that are already linked somewhere else will not appear in searches and will not be selectable.

Finding questions can be made easier by using metadata when creating questions. To learn more, see Adding Question Metadata.

How to Find Questions

  1. Access a test, survey, or pool canvas and point to Reuse Question to access the drop-down list.
  2. Select Find Questions.
  3. In the Find Question pop-up window, choose to Copy selected questions or to Link to original questions.
  4. In the Browse Criteria section, expand the criteria sections and select specific criteria. You can search within pools, tests, question types, categories, topics, levels of difficulty, and keywords. All questions meeting those criteria are displayed. You can also use the Search current results box to type a phrase, word, or part of a word to find matching questions.
  5. Select the questions you want to add to the assessment. They are added to the Selected Questions area at the bottom of the screen, which you can expand to view your list of questions. You can remove questions from Selected Questions by clicking the red X next to the question. This action only removes it from this collection; it does not delete the question.
  6. Click Submit. The questions are added to your test, survey, or pool.

About the Browse Criteria Section

As you select criteria from the Browse Criteria section, the relevant questions appear in the active filter list. The selected criteria appear above the active filter list as a reference. The active filter list will be empty if there are no matching questions. The criteria categories for searching for questions include:

  • Pools: These are instructor-created collections of questions, usually related to each other, which you can include as an entire group in a test, survey, or another larger pool.
  • Tests: This includes both tests (which are graded) and surveys (which are not).
  • Question types: This allows you to select one or more of the question types, including:
  • Categories: Selects among the assigned categories of questions.
  • Topics: Selects among the assigned topics of questions.
  • Levels of Difficulty: Selects among the levels of difficulty assigned to questions.
  • Keywords: Selects by assigned question keywords.

The questions you can find may be limited according to your specific access permissions.

The questions you select through this process appear in the Selected Questions area at the bottom of the page.

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