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Blackboard Help

Viewing Grade Details

Access the Grade Details page from the contextual menu for any graded item listed in the Grade Center.

To access the Grade Details page, a grade must appear in the cell.

This page also serves as the main location for users with assistive technology such as screen readers. All of the information associated with an item is viewed on the Grade Details page. Make changes where appropriate.

Using the Grade Details Page

The current User and Column appear at the top of the page. Use the left and right arrow functions to scroll through all users in your course or all columns in the Grade Center.

On the action bar, click Jump to to access the Column and User drop-down lists and select what you want to see.

At the bottom of the page, click Return to Grade Center to return to the Grade Center page.

Grading Tests by Question

The User and Column navigation features on the Grade Details page is useful when entering or changing grades question by question. You can examine and grade all the responses to a single question for a test using this method.

To learn more, see Grading Tests, Grading Assignments, and Overriding Grades.

View the Current Grade

At the top of the page, the Current Grade section displays the current score. Click Grade Attempt to edit the current grade or grade another attempt. If you click Exempt, this column is excluded from a student’s Grade Center calculations.

Click View Attempts to access all the attempts associated with this grade.

Using the Attempts Tab

On the Attempts tab, you can view each attempt's submission date, feedback, and grading notes. Use View Attempts to successively view each attempt in detail.

For each attempt, you can Grade Attempt, Clear Attempt to remove it, or Ignore Attempt to keep it but omit the score from Grade Center calculations and not count it toward the number of allowed attempts. Assignment attempts also have an Edit Grade function. If a student submits the maximum number of attempts, the Allow Additional Attempt function appears so that you can permit another submission.

You can use the Delete drop-down list to delete the first or last attempt, highest or lowest scoring attempt, attempts in a date range, or all attempts.

To change the number of attempts allowed, go to the course area where you deployed the test or assignment. Access the test's contextual menu and select Edit the Test Options or access the assignment's contextual menu and select Edit. Type a new number for Number of Attempts and Submit.

Using the Manual Override Tab

Use the Manual Override tab to assign a new grade for an item. Type a new grade in the Override Grade box.

You may also provide Feedback to User and Grading Notes and use the content editor functions to format the text and include files, images, links, multimedia, and mashups.

To learn more, see Overriding Grades.

Using the Column Details Tab

The Column Details tab presents the following information about a Grade Center column:

  • Column Name
  • Column Description
  • Primary Display
  • Show to Users
  • Included in Calculations
  • Average Score
  • Median Score

Viewing the Grade History Tab

The Grade History tab displays all of the changes you or a grader made to this item. A message appears if no grade history information is available.

By default, the two most recent actions appear. Click View Complete History to see more.

Using the Icon Legend

Click Icon Legend to view the definitions of the icons displayed in the Grade Center cells.