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Sending Email From the Grade Center

From the Grade Center, you can communicate with students and their observers. This form of direct contact allows you to actively communicate with relevant parties while engaged in grading in the Grade Center. Your immediate feedback can quickly lead to intervention if required, promoting positive outcomes for students.

You can send email to multiple users at one time or individually.

How to Send Email to Multiple Users

  1. In the Grade Center, select the check boxes of students you want to email.
  2. On the action bar, point to Email and select the type of recipients: Email Selected Users, Email Selected Users and their Observers, or Email Observers for Selected Users.
  3. Provide the Subject and Message.
  4. Select Include list of recipients to show the names of who will receive this email.
  5. Click Attach a file to include an attachment with your message.
  6. Click Submit.

Although an email is sent to the selected group, each individual recipient is not aware of the other recipients.

How to Send Email to Individual Users

  1. Access a user's contextual menu and select Email User.
  2. Provide the Subject and Message.
  3. Click Attach a file to include an attachment to the message.
  4. Click Submit.