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Getting Started

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Keep in Mind

The following are some things to keep in mind when using Blackboard Learn:

  • Your institution may disable certain tools within the application. If you encounter tools that you are unable to access, contact your institution.
  • The openness of Blackboard Learn allows instructors, leaders, and administrators the option to customize the interface. The names for some items in Blackboard Learn may differ from those that you see in the documentation.
  • Building Blocks allow your institution to integrate external applications, tools, content, and services into Blackboard Learn. Building Blocks are integrated in such a way that they appear in the interface like any other tool you can use.

Browser Compatibility

For information about supported web browsers and operating systems, see Browser Support.

Contact your institution's computing help desk for information on which version of Blackboard Learn your institution is using, as compatibility varies by version.

You can use Blackboard Mobile Learn on a variety of mobile devices, including BlackBerry®, Android™, and iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Contact your institution's computing help desk for information on whether your institution has made Blackboard Mobile Learn available.

About the Page Header

The Blackboard Learn user interface is made up of components that allow you to easily navigate, enter data, edit items, and change options within Blackboard Learn. After logging in to Blackboard, you will "land" on the My Institution tab. Pages and the tabs that you access can be renamed by your institution. Tabs that are visible depend on what capabilities your institution has licensed.

For example, if your institution licenses community engagement and you are a member of a club or organization, that club has the capability to create their own tab for club business within Blackboard Learn.

The page header always contains the tabs and the global navigation menu. Notice that even within a course, the page header remains the same.

Image illustrating associated text

Global navigation menu: Accessed by clicking the arrow icon next to your name. The menu provides you with quick and easy navigation to all your courses in Blackboard Learn. You can also access the My Blackboard menu and settings about your personal information. To learn more, see My Blackboard and Edit Personal Information and Settings.

Printing Course Content

Because Blackboard Learn is web-based, printing is handled through your web browser, or, if the content is an attached file such as a Microsoft® Word document, through that program.

Most browsers have a "Help" option explaining more about printing.

If you need assistance printing course content, contact your institution's computing help desk.

Paging Options

You can edit the paging options to specify how many items appear on a page in Blackboard Learn. For example, you can determine how many forums appear on the main discussion board page.

The default is 25 items per page and the maximum number of items is 1,000 per page. Clicking Show All displays all items and causes the other controls to disappear. For performance, the items per page should not be greatly expanded.

Use the following steps to edit the paging options.

  1. Click Edit Paging.
  2. Type a number in the Items per page box. If the number is greater than the total number of items, then all items appear. If the number is less than one, then one item appears.